Worship Ambassadors

We are the school worship ambassadors! 




What we do - Pupils' comments

  • We are responsible for collecting the Big and Little Questions and putting them up in reflection corners.
  • We look after the Reflection Corners
  • We helping others to worship – brings people closer to God.
  • We set an example by leading the call to worship and prayer in class and in whole school worship.
  • You need to be loving, caring and respectful. You don’t have to be a Christian you just have to help people reflect.
  • Some of us also help younger children to reflect in class worship


Most recent worship ambassador actions:


We have written prayers for peace on doves and tied them to a tree in the reflection garden





We worked with Mrs Mulliss to create a prayer station for the church about working together. 

Here are some of our prayer ideas:


 We have our usual Friday celebration worship where children are given leaves for showing each of our school learning behaviours.