Reflection Corners and Prayer Spaces

Each classroom has a reflection corner - these are updated by class teachers and Worship Ambassadors. We also have a prayer space in the entrance hall, the school hall and the library. 

Here are some photos of our most recent Prayer Space which took place on 5th and 6th April 2022.

Prayer Space April



Our Autumn Prayer Space took place on November 5th 2021. 

Prayer Space 2021

 Pupil voice from our Prayer Space

I can't believe we got to write prayers on the walls and floors! - Year 3 pupil
It was good to use the courtyard to reflect and think about God - Year 6 pupil
I really liked shredding my worries, it was like a weight off my chest - Year 5 pupil 
It was so lovely seeing children from across the school spend time reflecting on Big Questions - staff member



Our worship ambassadors have written a checklist for the things that they think should be in the class reflective areas


  • Name Tree
  • Cross
  • Principles-Wisdom / Grace / Hope
  • Bible
  • Names of worship ambassadors
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Growing Learners to Live in god’s World


  • Post it notes and pens
  • Seating
  • Prayers
  • Worry Box
  • Bible verses and pictures
  • Craft
  • Bible Journalling


Here are some photos of our class reflection corners and responses to worship


Reflection Corners

 Here are some photos of prayers children in our school have written independently: