Collective Worship

Our faith underpins all that we do and collective daily Worship is an opportunity to learn about our faith. Every Wednesday collective worship is led by a member of the clergy and takes place next door to our school in St Andrew’s church. Parents and members of our local community are most welcome to join us in church.  

Children at St Andrew’s follow a broad and varied curriculum which is carefully balanced against pupil needs ensuring that the key life skills of Literacy and Mathematics are central to its very heart.  The school follows the National Curriculum for all subjects, including English and mathematics. We dedicate all morning lessons to the teaching of core subjects and ensure that key skills continue to be taught across our range of foundation subjects.  Each Phase Group follows a 2 year topic cycle which gives children a balanced understanding of the world as well as a thirst for learning.


We follow the Song of Sounds Phonics scheme in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Children in Early years and Key Stage 1 have a daily phonics session with further opportunities to use and apply their phonic knowledge across the curriculum.   We believe developing reading skills is the key to unlocking learning across the curriculum. Children have opportunities to practise their reading skills daily either individually, as part of a small group or as a class and reading regularly at home  further supports children to develop their reading skills.

Children have access to an online library of 1000 E-Books called myON reader, which can be accessed by this link: Myon Log in Page. 



At St Andrew’s, we encourage creativity at all levels of our writing, linking themes to our year group topics wherever possible.  Children learn to write in a variety of styles for a range of purposes. Grammar is taught daily both discreetly and as part of the genre being taught.

Children are taught to use a cursive script from reception. They learn how to form letters and then join and we expect the majority of children to be able to write in a joined cursive script by Year 3.


Maths is all around us and our curriculum ensures that our Maths teaching is focused on developing a sound understanding of mathematical concepts and is linked to real life and problem solving situations. In addition to daily maths lessons we encourage the development of mathematical thinking and mental calculation through daily ‘CLIC’

(Count, Learn, it’s nothing new, Calculate) sessions.


We use exciting topics to link together our learning in the foundation subjects (Art, DT, History, Geography, Music, and ICT) as well as our learning in Literacy.  

For any further information on the curriculum please contact the school office.