St Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew’s Church is committed to serving and supporting the school in whatever way it can.

There is a wonderful opportunity for working together in partnership through the sharing of our church building with the school. This is a really useful resource especially for concerts and celebration events where all the latest audio visual equipment can be used by the school. We also have a Director of Children and Family Worker (DCFW) who assists the school in leading Christian acts of worship and also runs two lunchtime clubs called Megamix.  Local clergy together with the DCFW  lead Wednesday worship in the church for the whole school at 9.00am. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to join us for this.

A number of our governors are committed members of St. Andrew’s Church

Whilst the Church seeks to safeguard the Christian ethos of the school and the reputation of the Diocese, we do not bring about any influence to do with the day to day management and running of the school. We believe this should be left to the educational professionals to decide how best to proceed.

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